The MCA legal Challenge is the BEST CHANCE we have to control high density and overdevelopment in Marin


On September 24, 2013, the Board of Supervisors approved a controversial amendment to the countywide general plan despite overwhelmingly strong public objections. The Board’s decision promotes future high-density development (such as what we are now seeing in Corte Madera), as well as streamlined application procedures and exemptions from previous requirements for 32 land sites covering a total of 1,572 acres.  Most of these sites are in the 101 corridor area, where cities are also putting their high density housing. Many sites were selected without the proper environmental review for impacts on traffic, water, etc. Changes in the state law reducing the local oversight could mean these sites will never have a full environmental impact report.

The Board of Supervisors raised the Minimum Density on targeted sites from 20 to 30 units/acre and without proper notification.   Developers getting the state bonuses can raise this density even higher.  With higher density approved, these sites are much more attractive to big money developers and are essentially now pre-approved by the county.

MCA believes Marin County deserves a housing plan that does not circumvent existing policies and procedures; that uses accurate data as a foundation for making informed decisions and policies.  In an effort to accomplish this goal, MCA filed a legal action in Marin County Superior Court on October 24, 2013, to challenge the environmental review process conducted by county officials to support their flawed amendments to the countywide general plan.