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546 units listed in the Marinwood/ Lucas Valley area and only 317 outside this area is absurd. This will greatly affect our resources such as schools,
public safety, traffic, noise, clean air, etc. The plan talks about a range of density, but proposes to concentrate that density in Marinwood/Lucas Valley area.
— Deana D, San Rafael
The 2012 Draft Marin County Housing Element is flawed and presents many safety, administration and legal problems. Further, if allowed to proceed, developers’ building any of the proposed units is inconceivable because of marketing and liability problems. I urge the Marin County Planning Commission to rescind their building plans in the
Manzanita and Tam Junction sites.
— H.W. P., Marin County
According to the Marin IJ article dated 2/11/13, the plan calls for the development of 240 housing units at Grady Ranch. There is no infrastructure (grocery store, gas stations, local commerce, etc) in place to support the new development, so new residents will need to drive more cars and ride more buses back and forth approximately 5 miles to the closest services, increasing traffic and congestion on an already busy and dangerous Lucas Valley Road. This level of increased traffic and congestion will drive away those long time residents who have enjoyed the peaceful feel of the neighborhood for as long as 50 years
— Karen W, Lucas Valley
The DSEIR was released in the middle of the holidays, reducing the time available for reviewing the document. In addition, Marin County has given only 45 days for the public comment period.
Most counties would provide 60 days for such controversial projects because the shorter time period directly inhibits public involvement. Furthermore, we don’t have hard copies of the documents available (as of yesterday).
The public and our members usually have an on-site knowledge and history that can benefit all concerned
— Carolyn L.,San Rafael
I am a Marin resident concerned with planning issues in Tam Valley. Please consider an extension of the public comment period for the DSEIR so that our community can study the options for our area. We’re in an environmentally sensitive wetland with already difficult traffic issues along route 1 to Stinson Beach, Muir Woods and Mt. Tam.
Please give us more time for studies so that we can generate some rational, thoughtful local input. Thank you for your consideration
— Carolyn P., Mill Valley
No Long-term sustainability of the water supply
— Jenni H, Marin County